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Veg and bread from Thursday 16th June 2022

apologies for no veg/bread update last week. it had almost all sold out by the time I remembered to post on Thursday evening!

from today we have:

Veg – summer cabbage (Essex), collard greens (Essex), new potatoes (Essex), courgette (Norfolk), asparagus (Cambs), brown mushrooms (Suffolk), garlic (Spain), ginger (Peru)

Bread – country sourdough loaves, sprouted rye loaves and mini olive fougasse


Veg and bread from Thursday 26 May 2022

  • Lettuce, Round/Butterhead, Essex
  • Kale, Curly Green, Cambs
  • Parsley, Cambs
  • Pea Shoots, London
  • Asparagus, Cambs
  • Mushrooms, Brown, Suffolk
  • Garlic, Spain
  • Onions, 60 – 80mm, Netherlands

country loaves, oat porridge loaves and olive sticks

See you at the co-op!

Veg and bread from Thursday 19 May 2022


  • Spinach, Ppk, Kent UK
  • Kale, Cavolo Nero, Cambs UK
  • Mushrooms, Brown, Suffolk UK
  • Ginger, Peru
  • Lettuce Batavia Green, Lincs UK
  • Avocado, Hass, Spain

No asparagus this week – but hopefully next


  • Country loaves – made with freshly milled whole grain wheat and rye grains and white flour
  • Rugbrød – made entirely with freshly milled wheat and rye and are packed with sprouted rye grains, sesame, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, brown linseeds, chia seeds, golden ale, coconut and soy yoghurt, salt
  • Olive sticks

See you at the co-op!


It is with heavy hearts we must share that The Old Post Office Bakery – who have been supplying us with incredible loaves, veggie sos rolls and pasties for years – are retiring. Our last delivery was a few weeks back, and the last day their Clapham shop is open is this Sunday 8th May. Thanks for everything OPOB, you will be missed by many a faresharer and swathes of Londoners! (on the off chance anyone’s interested in taking over a bakery… do get in touch with them)

However, every cloud has its silver lining, and through the grapevine we found local baker Damion, who has started supplying us. We’re now stocking his country loaves and porridge loaves – both sourdough and made with freshly milled organic wholewheat flour, organic white flour, water, leaven + salt; the latter also has a porridge of oats plus linseeds mixed in! £3.50 for a 1kg loaf. Porridge loaves apparently keep a fair bit longer than bread usually does (although that’s quite a challenge because it’s so delicious…)

Today we were treated to some incredible olive + zaatar bread sticks, £1.40 each. If you pop by the co-op asap there might still be some left…