Newsletter 22 March 2011

This is the first newsletter FareShares has sent.


Dear FareShares customer,

If you are receiving this, you have signed up for our newsletter in the shop. So you know by now that it is run entirely by volunteers.

These volunteers are a bit stretched out in our tasks. In short, we are short of volunteers. So we need your help.

As any other shop, we need to take a note of our inventory every once in a while. Our next stock-take is on Saturday 2nd of April. Please let us know if you could come and help for an hour or longer. It is not a difficult task, it just takes a few people to do it.

If you decide to come, please write back or let the shift workers know, the next time you are in the shop. Please write your name and some way to contact you on the day book, so we know how many people we can count on.

We are also currently requesting blank, or one-sided-blank A4 paper. So if you work in an office that produces lots of scrap paper that can get into a printer, feel free to bring it to FareShares!

Thank you for all your help and your support.


Notes on the shop


These are some notes you can see on the shop now.


How it all works.

Please return any old wash-up or laundry liquid bottles, so we can refill them.

The Herb Study Group runs the First Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm. Open to every one who wants to learn to use herbs.



What do you think of the new coconut-based and hemp-based milks? Please give us your feedback so we can decide if we’ll keep stocking them …

Would you be interested in buying 1kg of baking soda for £2.93? If there is enough interest, we will get it …

Procedure to order in bulk from the suppliers FareShares gets its stock.

… And we sell mooncups! For just £13. Ask at the desk.


Feedback is welcome here or by email but our main channel of communication continues to be our day-book in the shop.