Why we need to defend cash

Selection of cash at the British Museum. Credit: Blatant World (CC-BY licence)

Novara Media just published a long interview with anthropologist and former financial services worker Brett Scott, talking about money.

One of the key themes in Cloudmoney, the book that Brett Scott is doing the rounds promoting, is the need to defend and encourage cash — “the bicycle of payments” — as we make a point of doing at Fareshares.

The interview is a pretty broad exploration of money and politics, but here’s where they begin to discuss cash in particular:

Lots of interesting stuff, including how the progressive veneer of the fintech industry has mobilised the urban graduate class to act as the vanguard of the privatisation of payments, how the “left” and “right” elements of the pro-cash movement currently sit in relation to each other, how the elimination of cash plays into power (corporate, state and geopolitical), and how we might build a cultural movement to defend the right to a non-corporate, offline form of payment.

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