Did you send us a cheque?

We recently received a generous donation in the form of a cheque through the post made out to “fareshare.org.uk” (sic).

Banks are a bit picky about the payee details being correct on cheques, and we don’t think that our bank will allow us to pay it in, unfortunately, especially as there is another similarly named organisation (whom we predate by five years or so) called FareShare (without the final “s”).

If you are the kind person who sent us the cheque and happen to see this in the next week or so, please either drop in to the shop when we’re open, or get in touch with us via email at info@fareshares.org.uk so that we can sort this out.

Or indeed you are very welcome to send us another cheque made out to “Fareshares Food Co-operative”, and we’ll tear up the other one!

If we don’t hear anything, we will return the cheque to the issuing bank who will no doubt get in touch with our would-be benefactor.

If you would like to donate to Fareshares to help cover our outgoings (rent and bills) so our volunteers can continue to provide the cheapest organic wholefood in London, the best way is via bank transfer and our details are here.