Community Views about 56 Crampton Street: This is what they’ve told us

I love how Fareshares is a community and not just a shop! And I learn so much from everyone who comes in.

FareShares is s a trust based style of shopping, builds a nice and strong community where people can enjoy a taste of freedom, fairness and justice.

FareShares is a valuable community resource, not only does it provide healthy affordable produce, it is also a meeting place to reconnect with people of all backgrounds.

I love the community

Having Fareshares here means people of all backgrounds can buy healthy food at affordable prices and I can meet and chat with some of them too. They can also get help with getting their bikes fixed as well.

Fareshares is an amazing place- healthy, delicious, affordable food and a great place to make friends and get your bike fixed too!

I love Fareshares because it’s unconventional, honest, real and a resource for everyone. Thank you!


Thursday 2-8pm; Friday 4-7pm; Saturday 3-5pm

56 Crampton Street, London SE17 3AE