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It’s been great to welcome people back into Fareshares since we reopened fully for self-service back in August.

Our footfall and takings have slowly been recovering, but we’ve noticed that they still aren’t back to the sort of levels we had before the pandemic.

There will be lots of reasons why that might be. Quite a bit of it might be that some people weren’t much into being served at the door, which we did for several months, and haven’t realised that we’re open again.

And others might simply have migrated elsewhere for their food buying. There are quite a few more so-called “zero waste” (nobody is!) outlets these days, for instance.

But we’ll be surprised if people can find anywhere that offers whole organic food cheaper than Fareshares (due to our low overheads and fully volunteer staffing).

And we’d like as many people as possible to benefit from this great resource.

So please, tell your friends about Fareshares, and maybe bring them along yourself to show them how it works. (And where we are — we know, it can be a bit hard to find us!)

Veg this week: 15 July

Hi folks, after a week’s break there will be fresh veg again this week. Come in and enjoy (and buy):

brown mushrooms
cherry tomatoes

Vegan? plant-based? here’s something extra for you…

You’re generally onto a winner health-wise if you eat the kind of wholefood plant-based diet that Fareshares helps to support, but you can still end up deficient in some vital nutrients.

In particular you risk serious health consequences if you don’t take special steps to make sure you get enough vitamin B12 which, with very few exceptions, is not present in plant foods. Likewise it is difficult to get enough iodine from a strict plant-based diet. And everyone, irrespective of diet, should be supplementing with vitamin D between October and March in these latitudes.

As of this week Fareshares is stocking the Vegan Society’s VEG1, the nutritional supplement developed by The Vegan Society. It provides an affordable, reliable source of vitamins B12, B2, B6 and D3, folic acid, iodine and selenium, covering all your bases.

We have pots of 90 tablets (orange or blackcurrant flavours) — a three-month supply — on sale for £6.60 each, working out at around 7p a day.


Hi folks

New fresh produce in this week:

lettuce (red oakleaf)




potatoes (red)

mushrooms (brown)


white cabbage

All UK grown – come and enjoy!

Herbs are back

We’ve finally restocked on some herbs and spices, thanks to the enthusiasm and effort of volunteers Laura and Lucy. We have cumin seeds, black peppercorns, fennel seeds, cinnamon quills, thyme, chamomile flower, mixed herbs.

Sourced in bulk from the Organic Herb Trading Company in Somerset and painstakingly packed into 25g and 50g paper bags for minimal packaging waste and maximum value.

Come and get ’em!

This week’s veg news (3 June 2021)

Hi everyone

This week we will have the following fresh vegetables:

lettuce (green batavia), kale (cavolo nero), spinach, white cabbage, asparagus, brown mushrooms, vine tomatoes

Also a heads-up:

From this week, we are trialling having fresh produce every week. So please come and enjoy the summer produce!

Veg this week (20 May)

Hi everyone

This week we’ll have organic veg as follows:

spring greens
bagged salad leaves
lettuce (green oakleaf)
fresh garlic
spinach (bagged)
brown mushrooms
potatoes (red)