This Week’s Fresh Produce

We look forward to having the following fruit & veg available from Thursday, March 18:

Brown mushrooms
Dirty carrots
Green Hokkaido squash
Sweet Med potatoes
Savoy cabbage
Gala apples

We also have available:
Jerusalem artichokes

Bulk bread flour available

We’ve accidentally ordered two 25kg sacks of flour — one is strong white (£1 per kg) and the other is strong wholemeal (88p per kg).

If you bake, next time you shop at Fareshares please come with your containers and take some of it off our hands!

The white is £1 per kg and the wholemeal is 88p per kg.

This week’s Fresh Produce

We look forward to having the following available from Thursday, March 4:
– Savoy cabbage
– Leeks
– Onions
– Jerusalem artichokes
– Kalettes
– Alouette potatoes
– Brown mushrooms
– Adams Permain apples

No longer inviting “advance orders”

While our door was closed during the early months of the pandemic last year, we set up a system of “advance orders”, allowing people to send a grocery order by email or on paper, which our volunteers would prepare for pickup.

We continued to invite advance orders for a while after we re-opened in August, but we found that they were rather time-consuming because of all the communication about pickup times and about what was and wasn’t in stock, and there were quite often mixups and slow responses on both sides.

Now people have generally been able to come back and do their shopping in person (served by volunteers for the time being at the door where there’s good ventilation, in order to reduce infection risk). We receive very few requests for advance orders any more, and we have been slow to respond to those few that we have received.

So to keep things simple, and not over-promise, we have decided to stop offering the service of advance orders now.

Please come to the door during opening hours and our volunteers will serve you as efficiently as we can.

We appreciate it if you bring your own containers for us to fill with loose goods, as it’s quicker and less wasteful than fiddling with paper bags.

(NB We are still accepting “pre-orders”, by which we mean non-stock items that you would like us to order from the Infinity catalogue, paid up front.)

Fruit & Veg Available Jan 21

We look forward to having the following fresh produce available this week:

Apples (Orleans Reinette)
Crown Prince squash
Brown mushrooms
Onions (pending supplier availability)