Newsletter October 2011

Dear all visitors,

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You may have noticed some new products in the shop recently. We’ve ordered in some different kinds of toothpaste, and would now like your feedback: which ones should we stock in the future?

Other new products include Kallo oat milk, unperfumed Urtekam soap, and Doves Farm yeast. If you have any comments about the things that we sell, please talk to the shiftworker, or send us an email, or post a comment on the blog.

We also have a few items on special offer right now – Clearspring noodles, Organico olive oil and Natural Selection “ready to eat” fruit – which won’t be available for much longer.

After many months of unavailability, it looks like we’ll have hemp seeds back in stock from this week onwards.


All the dry foodstuffs we sell loose (by the kilo) are organic, and come from all over the world.
Prices change regularly, depending on how the climate has affected harvests globally. We tend to change our prices every two months. Recent increases are: quinoa, chickpeas, brown lentils, aduki beans, couscous, brazil nuts, cashews. Recent reductions are: buckwheat, red, green and puy lentils, yellow split peas, almonds, pumpkin seeds.

Empty bottles please!

Don’t forget to bring back the 1L bottles you bought washing-up and laundry liquid in; we can refill these.

Finances and donations

Fareshares tries to keep shelf prices as low as possible so that more people can afford to shop here – we’re all volunteers, and we only add a small mark-up – but please do put a donation in the jar when you shop.

With an increased rent and rates bill (as well as utilities) the running costs of the building are higher than they were before. Please consider filling in one of the Standing Order forms, if you can afford to make a regular donation (between £2 and £20 a month – any amount would be brilliant!) to the Building.
We also welcome donations of pens, sellotape, black bin-bags, new envelopes, postage stamps, and A4 paper for printing on.

Herb study

The next herb study will be on Tuesday November 1st at 7.30 pm, looking at Oak bark.
Open to anyone – whether you are new to herbs or want to deepen your connection to the plants. We look at one herb each time, drink it fresh (if we can) and dried, share our immediate responses and collective experiences, and cross reference herb books for medicinal and traditional uses.
Free/ donation.